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Social Distancing, Our New Normal

As many of us stay safe at home or shelter in place, we might be getting too much of each other, or maybe not enough. For those who are already living alone, the need to maintain social distancing may be causing us to double down on the worrisome tendency towards social isolation. It makes it really hard to stay connected face-to-face if it is not OK to gather in groups, even with six feet between us. Many of us are relying more and more on the telephone, emailing, or texting. I know I am. We now Face Time with our grandchildren every day. My wife has a daily schedule of reading a chapter book using Face Time. We were also part of an extended family Zoom party on Wednesday. And we really pushed the public safety envelope when neighbors gathered outside yesterday on a wonderfully warm (for a change) and windy spring afternoon.

Maintaining our social distancing at the gathering, we still managed to see friends and make new ones. Let’s maintain our community during these times, and even extend it! For an article that dives deeper into this topic ->

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