2013 BLD Award Winner

The Better Living Design Institute™ will annually grant awards to bring attention to achievements in the BLD™ and universal design fields. The awards will recognize home products, new and remodeled homes, housing projects, and organizational accomplishments. Here is one winner of a 2013 BLD award. 

The Better Living Design™ – 2013 FORWARD THINKER AWARD was granted to John Salmen for the renovation of this home. A portion of the renovation added an on-grade entrance beneath the porch. Image courtesy of John Salmen

The rear entrance of the FORWARD THINKER home. This shows the on-grade entrance that begins at the garage and is also reachable from the driveway. Image courtesy of John Salmen.


The Ronald L. Mace Universal Design Institute is a non-profit organization based in North Carolina dedicated to promoting the concept and practice of accessible and universal design. The Institute's work manifests the belief that all new environments and products, to the greatest extent possible, should and can be usable by everyone regardless of age, ability, or circumstance.

As the Institute's sister initiative, Better Living Design is changing the way homes and home products are designed, built and remodeled to better meet the needs of everyone at every life stage. 

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