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Education and Publications

We are currently developing the BLD Certified™ training programs, in conjunction with leading industry trade associations, manufacturers and building industry media providers.


Designers, Builders and Remodelers

BLD Certification™ Training/Professional Development.

  • Opportunity for both introductory and advanced education

  • Ongoing continuing education in order to retain BLD™ credentials

BLD Criteria Training™

  • Learn about the BLDCriteria™ used to award Approved Project status

  • Introduction to the BLD Criteria™ Commentary

  • Key to BLD Approved™ Project success


Supply chain, including manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and retailers

Webinars, seminars and one-on-one educational opportunities in order to understand:

  • Housing demographics and market potential of BLD™

  • BLDApprove™ Project Criteria and Commentary

  • How to connect and partner with BLD™ designers, builders and remodelers.



Online as well as live presentations to educate the homebuyer or remodeling client to:

  • Understand and appreciate the short and longer-term advantage of completing a BLD Approved™ Project

  • See the value of partnering with a BLD™ professional.

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