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Competitions Raise Awareness of Age Friendly Accessory Dwelling Design

The AARP hopes ADUs, or small homes on the same lot as a primary home, become more common to address a shortage of senior housing

We are happy to announce the successful conclusion of several Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) design competitions in fall 2023. Each of the competitions, supported by AARP state offices, required universal and age friendly designs for detached small homes. The competitions highlighted the design possibilities of ADUs and the role they can play in successful aging for older residents.

Juries in Omaha, Raleigh, and Providence emphasized ADUs that had a typical (and appealing) small home feel, yet had a number of high function features. This month, we are providing links to stories about our work in Omaha, where we collaborated with AARP Nebraska and the City of Omaha. The city is in the process of creating more ADU-friendly development ordinances. The jury selected three winning entries and one honorable mention out of 20 submissions.

Look for more blogs, posts, links and newsletter articles for each of the competitions over the next three months.

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