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Healthy Home Tech

We follow with interest the home technology and home health technology sector. Home tech in many of its forms is a great and useful addition to basic home design and traditional home product selection in helping to maintain the life and lifestyle of people who are older and disabled. The beauty of home tech is that everyone seems to appreciate it. It has a pretty universal appeal. Admittedly we pay more attention to the off-the-shelf, lower priced area; products such as Echo, Google Nest, and Apple Home.

Apple Home Kit - Image by bticino

We know that product innovations often come in at the high end of pricing then slowly work their way into more affordable versions. But Yikes! This article really pushes that envelope. Seems like this guy has about $500K of home tech. Snarky aside - too bad it will all be overtaken by future tech in a few months/years. It looks like this guy can afford a new array by then so no worries on his part.

But we like the idea of floor sensors that can detect falls, or in-home diagnostics including toilets that will analyze our waste ($25K!!), and indoor air quality assurance. In truth, the article does mention lower cost options too.

Keep in mind that for accommodating older adults or people with disabilities, home tech can't replace basic improved home design or careful traditional home product selection. Go here for some design ideas that can really make a difference:

For full article click HERE

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