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Which Celeb Bathroom Are You?

We all wish we can live like the rich and famous, don’t we? It would be incredible to have the budget to makeover our bathrooms like these celebs, but would it be wise? While there is no doubt that these bathrooms are beautiful, they may lack the function and long term usability that many of us need, celebs included. So, which celeb bathroom speaks to you?

Which one of us hasn’t wished they had a quick escape route out of a bathroom on occasion? Well, this one does. Those bathroom windows can be hard to squeeze out of. The side-hinged doors look like they are wide enough. I wonder if they have low thresholds and a step-free exit? We love the truly curbless, threshold-less shower as well as the handheld shower. While the egg tubs look like they can be really hard to get into, and especially out of, the narrow edge seems like it offers a ready handhold but beyond that, you are on your own to clamor in and out of the tub with a very high rim height.

Who wouldn't want to be Queen Bey for a day? While this bathroom has lots of space it also has another slippery-looking high rim height tub, and a step-in shower. Large bathrooms like this one (especially ones with high ceilings like J-Lo’s above) can create their own convection patterns and can make it seem really cold. Best to add heat - radiant floors, heat lights, additional forced air heat - you really need something.

OK, this one also has a lot of space (with an actual fireplace?) but again a step-in shower. And the large basin bathtub might at least give you a running start to fling yourself over the rim. (Plus where do you get that much square footage in NYC, just for a bathroom?)

Perhaps another emergency exit or just a habit from his Mission Impossible days? Moveable furniture adds flexibility. The tub backs up against a wall and so offers a potential location for an assist bar if needed. But the two-height rim makes a sit-turn-lower myself into the tub maneuver harder than it needs to be. Also a big room with lots of space.

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