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Omaha by Design is inviting all interested designers to take part in a duplex design competition starting in July 2024. The competition asks participants to imagine and design Duplexes that are affordable, age-friendly and attainable.


The overall goal of the DxD competition is to improve housing options for older adults in Omaha. The competition can help increase the supply of suitable aging-in-place housing by creating more affordable and convenient living options for seniors. These options should promote health and greater autonomy compared to many of the traditional housing options currently available to Omaha's aging adults, allowing them to age in place and remain in their communities.

Why this competition and why now?

Like many communities, the Omaha metro area is experiencing an affordable housing crisis. And due to rapid increases in housing prices, rents, and property taxes, many older residents are stuck in homes that were not designed to accommodate aging in place. More diverse housing options designed with the needs of all residents in mind will be necessary to create both affordability and accessibility.

Missing Middle Housing (MMH) is a range of small multi-unit housing types that are similar in scale to a single-family house and are often found in walkable areas. We have chosen to focus on Duplexes in particular for this competition but ADUs, triplexes, multiplexes and cottage court development  are other types that fall under the umbrella of MMH. Designed with universal and age-friendly features, MMH promote independent living and delays the need for moves to expensive care settings.

This competition has these key objectives.

  1. Generate Designs: Create a handful of attractive, attainable, buildable MMH plans with essential universal and age-friendly design elements.

  2. Raise Awareness: Public outreach and competition promotion will highlight how universal and age-friendly MMH address housing challenges faced by older adults, particularly those with modest finances or past housing inequities. Concurrent educational efforts will teach key stakeholders the specifics of this competition's universal and age-friendly design criteria.


Omaha by Design, with assistance from RL Mace Universal Institute, have come together to present a competition to address these challenges head on.

Competition Registration Open July 22 – September 16, 2024

(no fee to register)

Download the Competition Guide and Register!


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