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New Age-Friendly Home

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

R.J. Hartbeck Photo

We’ve always known that a large, big budget home can easily include a lot of universal (UD) and age-friendly features. That’s what we have here with this new home in the St. Louis area. While it is much easier to include UD in a big budget project, we know that few homes of this size do so, which is true of market-rate homes of almost any size. [The only consistent exception to this rule is the design of many age-targeted and age-restricted developments.]

We are happy to note the step-free entrance, the elevator, curbless showers, higher toilets, whole-house backup generator, and lots of home technology. We appreciate the intentional location of the home in a walkable area.

A takeaway point is that many of these age-friendly features can be included in homes at any price point. While we can't all afford high-end appliances and other products such as costly technology or whole-house generators; step-free entrances, more usable bathrooms, and a bedroom on the first floor are within reach for most of us if we want them.

Finally, it seems like this home was not customized for a particular client’s needs, as with so many homes with these features. We hope that it finds a buyer soon. They can customize it as they wish.

Read the Article from Ladue News here.

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